Welcome to thinkindy.org

This website is dedicated to promoting Independent Comics to Independent Minds. I believe it's possible for artists to make a living doing what they love. I also believe that somewhere there is an audience willing to pay for such creative ventures.

Most independent artists must work a job and work on their project at the same time, with little room to promote their work. I believe that it's necessary for artists to advertise in order to build demand for their creations. It's absolutely essential that they advertise to the right people. I propose "Think Independent Magazine". A magazine that offers affordable advertising rates than can fit the budget of the average creator. I've started a kickstarter page to fund the first issue as a proof of concept. It's my experience that people don't want to invest in something unless they know it works. If it works, this could revolutionize the Indie comic scene. Think Independent wishes to build our audience instead of maintaining the same selective few. Over time we will be able sustain an audience that is craving original creative works.

Get involved by commenting in the forums section on this website or by joining the kickstarter cause here...


Thank you.