Blink: So FAR by Max Ink

a review by David Branstetter

With a few brisk pages, Max Ink creates a memorable set of characters who live and breathe just like the rest of us. In between gorgeous settings and natural dialogue we get a crystal clear glimpse into the lives of Sam, Blink, and Hank. Max does something here that few sequential artists attempt to capture, the space between moments. We used to have an old saying about the size of our town, "You blink and you miss it". Max is deeply aware of all the beautiful moments that are around us.

The characters of 'Blink" exist in a world that is deeply familiar but simultaneously unattainable. It's a romantic world view from that of an esoteric college student. "Blink" represents that brief moment in time when you've left your parents house but before you start your own family. It's that time before careers
mattered. And in that sense it becomes a fantasy of what life could be like if friendships, art, and music lasted forever.

"So Far" seems to capture that moment in time like a treasured photograph of three friends smiling in front of a coffee shop.